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Switch Bitchin’-Redux

The article I wrote last week—about why Nintendo hates you—was really about why you, as a consumer, should not trust Nintendo as a company trying to sell you a shiny, new console.

As matters continue to play out over the Switch launch, I think hesitation with respect to leaping to buy Nintendo’s new machine was warranted, and still is…if you can find one. If you are able to find one, you, unfortunately, have a good chance of getting, essentially, a broken 400 dollar toy out of the box. See, for example:

Dead Pixels in the Screen aren’t a defect, apparently.

Cartridges won’t load and run.

Joy-Con de-sync is still a problem, and it looks like it is a fundamental problem with the design and construction of the left joy-con.

And then there are a couple things that you just shouldn’t have to deal with from a high-tech toy in this day and age:

You can’t transfer save files.

The dock will scratch your screen if you aren’t super careful.

There are more reported problems, but frankly, I think these are sufficient to illustrate that matters, as they stand, are unacceptable.

You do know, dear reader, that you do not have to buy it just because they made it?

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