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Slap! A Tribute to Charlie Murphy (1959-2017)

Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy and former sometime writer and actor on Chappelle’s Show, passed today in hospital following a long battle with leukemia. He was only 57 years old.

While Murphy had a career made up of primarily small parts, he made a huge impression on a generation of television viewers with his series of “True Hollywood Stories” with Dave Chappelle, a series that focused on his interactions with Rick James in the heyday of Hollywood blow parties.

Murphy parlayed his stories into a series of unforgettable skits that will live on far longer than either of the two principles they portrayed (Dave Chappelle as Rick James, and Charlie Murphy as himself). They were original, they were edgy, and they were true. Here are the first couple below – warning: each of the following clips contain not-safe-for-work language and content.

Part 2:

And Part 3:

And finally, perhaps the best clip, the five fingers joke:

Charlie Murphy’s impact on pop culture is not nearly so large as his brother’s, but in his own small way, he’ll always be a part of our collective memory of the early 2000s, when Dave Chappelle was still young and fresh.

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