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The Orville! Get sorta, kinda, maybe, vaguely interested!

Hey! Remember Galaxy Quest?!!!

Yeah. Galaxy Quest was great. It was the perfect Star Trek homage/parody–not counting Trekkies.

And remember Zapp Brannigan from Futurama?

Pretty great, right?

Well, Seth MacFarlane–the mastermind behind Family Guy, American Dad, and some movie about dying a lot in the West–has a worse version of these ideas for you!


Cringe! At the ‘Exes have to work together’ trope!

Roll your eyes! At the ‘Jokes!’

Shrug your shoulders! At the robot that’s obviously a guy in a suit!

Get the reference! Get it? Like, get it? Do you get it??–those old movies and tv shows sure had hokey special effects!

It’s the same basic joke Seth MacFarlane has been making since the late 1990s!

So, if you’re not tired of it yet, tune in this fall!


Star Trek: Discovery looks like it might be kind of good, though.

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