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Joss Whedon, eh?

As most folks who would be reading this already know, Zack Snyder has stepped away from the Justice League film, and possibly other immediate projects, for tragic personal reasons. His daughter committed suicide at 20 years old.

And though I like very few of Zack Snyder’s films–I generally think 300 is the only one that is really successful as an artistic/aesthetic project*–I am not here to celebrate the cessation, no matter how temporary, of his involvement with the DC-Filmaverse, and the recruiting of Joss Whedon to wrap things up.

Rather, I am here to caution people against getting too happy about Joss Whedon’s involvement.

First—the Avengers movies aren’t that good. Especially the second one.

And second—the whole successful Marvel movie director transitioning to DC movie directing hasn’t exactly paid off in the past. I ask the reader to remember Brian Singer’s move from the first two successful X-Men films to the under-performing Superman Returns.


Temper thine expectations.


*I utterly loathe Man of Steel.

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