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Soft Shoe: A Review of The World According to Jeff Goldblum S01E01 – “Sneakers”

Everyone’s favorite eccentric uncle takes us on a journey of the weird and esoteric in this new original National Geographic series premiering with the launch of Disney+. There’s something about Goldblum’s hesitation, his baritone repetitions, that soothes and pulls the listener in. Who better than he to host a series of short-form documentaries that take the ordinary and point out the extraordinary details and background that we’re likely unaware of?

Three giant stripes!

After the high-stakes opening, Goldblum gets down to the science of shoes, visiting the Adidas research center in Portland, Oregon, where he undergoes a gait and strike test to help design the perfect pair of sneakers for his particular physique. In wonderfully Goldblum-ian style, he consistently messes up the test as he, in the words of the Adidas Head of Sport Science, Paul Francis, “bops” rather than runs – his test is the first time Francis has ever seen both feet present in the strike-plate slo-mo closeup.

Venice Beach hoops

Additional segments have Goldblum visiting Venice Beach, talking with Mouthpiece – “The Voice of Venice Beach” – and playing some street hoops with local VBL players such as Sik Wit It; and later, a visit to Dominic Chambrone, the Shoe Surgeon – a custom shoe designer from Los Angeles, who works with Goldblum to come up with the perfect pair of shoes for his tall lanky frame.

The parts fit together into a quirky, but fascinating half hour, that will definitely have me coming back for more as episodes are released. What’s next? A history of the world hosted by Christopher Walken? I’d sign up for that.

Steve’s Rating: 7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
Goldblum’s particular sensibilities and personality can make even the most everyday mundane items – our shoes – an interesting topic to learn about.

Director: Nic Stacey
Starring: Jeff Goldblum
Release Date: November 12, 2019
Runtime: 31 mins.
Rating: TV-PG

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