We write trivial words for cultural nerds: Reviews and articles about various cultural phenomena including movies, TV, games, books, and so on. If we do a good job, maybe they’ll let us out of this basement.


Dan Lett will watch, read, and write about pretty much anything. He’s currently into hard utopian science fiction, Kerbal Space Program and Paul Verhoeven movies. Dan teaches Criminology for a living and drinks a lot of tea.





Simon is a pop culture junkie, but is critical of what he mainlines. He is presently at work on a PhD in Philosophy. He teaches philosophy. He works on keeping ‘Pretentious’ from becoming his middle name. He is not certain he is succeeding.




Jamie Rennie likes to yell at his TV set. He watches anything, but mostly writes about comedy, news, sports, and film. He teaches Communication Studies for a living. He knows that cats rule the web, but that dogs are better in real life. Deal with it.



Steve Zillwood writes reviews and articles on film, TV, games, and print. He consumes far too much media for his own good, but isn’t looking to stop anytime soon. In his spare time, he teaches English Literature, with a focus on dystopian fiction. He loves cats.

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